CSLB Warns of Scam Targeting Licensed Contractors and Applicants

CSLB logoThe California Contractor’s State License Board (“CSLB”) has issued an industry alert to California-licensed contractors  about to renew current licenses or anyone who has either applied for a CSLB license, or plans to apply.  According to the CSLB, the operators of the scam are using information from CSLB’s website to contact licensees and applicants and calling them under the guise of the CSLB and asking them to provide credit card information over the phone:

“We’ve discovered at least one unscrupulous company that’s using information from CSLB’s website to contact licensees or applicants to mislead and scam them,” said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands. “The caller leads the licensee or applicant to believe he or she needs to pay money over the phone to get continuing education credit, renew a license or to schedule a licensing exam.”

CSLB staff will never ask for credit card information over the phone, nor will they process any payment over the phone. CSLB fees are only payable through the mail via check or at CSLB headquarters via cash, check, or credit card. There are no continuing education requirements to renew a CSLB license. A list of all license fees are available on CSLB’s website: http://www.cslb.ca.gov/generalinformation/library/fees.asp.

The CSLB has indicated that it will continue to post applicant lists on its website (CSLB is required by law to make information on its licensees publicly available), but has indicated that this process could  change if applicants continue to be preyed upon by these unscrupulous companies.  CSLB’s industry alert can be found here.

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