DIR Discontinues “MyLCM” for Electronic Submission of Certified Payroll Records

DIR logoEarlier, I wrote about the California Department of Industrial Relations’ (“DIR”) creation of a new administrative unit, the Compliance Monitoring Unit (“CMU”), responsible for enforcing prevailing wage requirements on public works projects and the CMU’s rollout of a new electronic certified payroll records system known as “MyLCM.” 

Today, a little over a year following rollout, DIR has announced that it will be discontinuing MyLCM due to technical problems effective April 1, 2013.  According to DIR, contractors should continue to submit certified payroll records through MyLCM through February 2013, and by March 1, 2013, a new DIR form PWC 100 will be released at which time contractors will need to submit certified payroll records in portable document format (PDF) under a new system.

The DIR has issued a FAQ on the discontinuation of MyLCM and the upcoming new system which can be found here.

6 Responses to “DIR Discontinues “MyLCM” for Electronic Submission of Certified Payroll Records”

  1. Garret Murai

    Thanks Nancy. Being in the proverbial “trenches” as you and your company are in helping construction companies comply with prevailing wage reporting requirements, the experience of your California customers seems to echo the experience of many California public works contractors with the MyLCM system who, notwithstanding the “my” in MyLCM system, didn’t feel the MyLCM system was “theirs” at all.

    • Nancy Smyth

      As a company that has provided a bridge for QuickBooks users for many years through TRS Consultants, Inc. – we had numerous issues with the California MyLCM reps.

      Waiting to find out more about the new .pdf upload. Hopefully that will make everyone’s life less stressful!

  2. Nancy Smyth

    We have a lot of customers in California and they have all complained about the MyLCM system, they will be extremely happy to hear about this. Prevailing wage/certified payroll compliance is difficult enough without having to use a system that isn’t user friendly and just adds an extra step!

  3. Jeanine DeBacker

    I’m always surprised how often prevailing wage rules and the need for certified payroll records catch employers by surprise – and that City of Azusa case last year made some employers really want to tread as close as possible to the line of what is a prevailing wage job, and what isn’t. Thanks for the update on the submission system – and pointing out the March ’13 PDF requirement. This blog is just so great!


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