A (Somewhat) Visual Guide to What’s New in California Construction Law

KaleidoscopeThis past week I gave a presentation with two of my colleagues – Roger Hughes, the head of our firm’s Construction Practice Group, and Peter Laufenberg, an insurance attorney and the head of our firm’s Litigation Practice Group (I’m not the “head” of anything unless you count being Grand Poobah of this blog) – on “What’s New in California Construction Law” which focused on the sea change of . . . well, changes, . . . to California’s construction laws which have taken effect over the course of this past year.

Thank you to the many construction professionals who attended. And thank you to California Commerce Bank for co-sponsoring.

You can view my presentation which I created on Prezi, a pretty cool alternative (I think) to Power Point, below. Since I’m not talking during the presentation, I’ve expanded it a bit to provide more information than my actual presentation (you know, the ol’ don’t-give-em-too-much-information-per-slide rule), and you can see it all in a time-saving 10 minutes rather than hearing me yammer on for minutes on end. The presentation provides a summary of the new construction laws in California including the recent changes to the state’s mechanics lien, stop payment notice, payment bond, prompt payment penalty, public works retention and indemnity laws.

3 Responses to “A (Somewhat) Visual Guide to What’s New in California Construction Law”

  1. Mark Cobb Law Group

    Hi Garrett, Your presentation is exciting and wonderful. I am enjoying learning from you how to better teach others by simplying the complex maze of requirements which is construction law. Thank you very much! Mark


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