Lego’s Architecture Series: Celebrating the Past and Inspiring the Future

LEGO_architecture_landmarkIt’s been a number years since I built anything with Legos (ok, it was just this past week (but with my 7 year old son, mind you) although I won’t deny enjoying it).

Over spring break my family stopped into a bookstore while in Miami (which, by the way, had some pretty amazing examples of Art Deco architecture in South Beach).

As I was perusing the books what should I happen upon but a Lego series based on famous buildings:


Apparently, Lego’s Architecture series has been around awhile (beginning in 2008 with the John Hancock Center and Sears (now known as Willis) Tower) and has since included such iconic landmarks as the Sydney Opera House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and, new this year, the Eiffel Tower.

Nice to see Lego, long associated with inspiring our future little architects and engineers, creating a series which celebrates the great architects and engineers of the past.

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