The Hardhat of the Future, Today . . . or, Rather, Next Month

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wearable tech seems to be all the rage, from Google Glass to Apple’s just announced Apple Watch.

Even Hollywood seems to be jumping on the wearable tech bandwagon with Tom Cruise starring as a reluctant (and, at least initially, physically bumbling) military public relations hack who finds himself on the front lines wearing a clunky battle suit in Edge of Tomorrow, to remade 80s classics, like Robocop.

And, if you’re in the construction industry, you can now add to your bad ass photo and video taking, Facebook posting, email reading, Pandora listening, alien blasting wearable tech accessories.

Announcing the hardhat of the future:

Dubbed the “Smart Helmet,” this high-tech hardhat available next month from Los Angeles-based startup DAQRI, includes 360° navigational cameras, a high resolution depth sensor, an inertial measurement unit and a 4D visor which will allow engineers, construction workers and technicians to overlay work instructions and information over their actual work environment (think Tony Stark’s heads-up display in his Iron Man suit).

Oh yeah, presumably, it also protects your noggin.

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