CSLB Reminds California Public Works Contractors to Renew Their Public Works Registration


A friendly reminder from the Contractors State License Board . . .



CSLB Urges Public Works Contractors to Renew Dept. of Industrial Relations Registration before October 1 to Avoid Hefty Penalty

SACRAMENTO — A mandatory renewal deadline is approaching for licensees who work on public works projects. Contractors whose registration with the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)  expired June 30, 2015, and have ongoing public works projects or plan to bid on new ones, must pay the $300 renewal fee before October 1, 2015, or face an additional $2,000 late penalty after that date.

As a result of Senate Bill (SB) 854, all contractors have been required since April 1, 2015, to register with DIR to be awarded a public works contract, even if the project did not go out to bid.

DIR maintains a listing of registered contractors and subcontractors on its website to assist awarding bodies who must confirm this registration before considering a bid or awarding a contract, and for contractors who must confirm that their bid team members are registered.

If you believe that your public works registration with DIR is still active, you can check the active contractor registration search tool to locate and confirm your registration. If your registration does not appear, it may have expired or you were not registered. DIR’s Frequently Asked Questions page has more information.

If you were registered last year and have not bid nor worked on any public works projects on or after July 1, 2015, you can renew for this fiscal year without incurring a penalty.

The required annual registration fee of $300 is used to fund such activities as DIR’s compliance monitoring and enforcement, prevailing wage and public works coverage determinations, and enforcement appeal hearings. DIR registration requires that all contractors be in good legal standing, which includes having a CSLB license that is current, active, and unrestricted.

For more information, visit the DIR Public Works page.

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