“Thank You for Reading!”

JD Supra

We’ve been trying to keep our cool and not say anything, but we can’t contain ourselves anymore, so here it is:

Earlier this month, the posts you read on this here blog – which are distributed by legal content distributor JD Supra – were recognized in JD Supra’s first annual Readers’ Choice Awards. JD Supra’s Readers’ Choice Awards recognizes 200 authors in 26 categories (ten authors were selected in each category) from more than 34,000 authors who published articles on JD Supra in 2015. We were selected as the 1st and 3rd “Top Authors” in the categories of Construction and Insurance, respectively.

Now, in full disclosure, we don’t know how many of those more than 34,000 authors published articles in the Construction and Insurance categories (there may have only been ten of us for all we know) and we don’t know how many articles the “Top Authors” in the Construction and Insurance categories published (we may have just published more and, therefore, had more readers) – but we’re tickled pink nonetheless.

Most satisfying though is knowing that people, like you, are reading the stuff we write about. After all, while we enjoy writing, we write with the aim of providing YOU with useful information (that we hope you find at least mildly entertaining as well). So, as we often say in the comments section of our blog, “Thank you for reading!”


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