In most construction calls for bids, arise the need for a bid conference and/or bid walk. I feel that within this, there was an absence of such. The prime saw no problems to effect a bid.
Before presentment of a bid remains time for bidders to ask questions, by email (All Caltrans Projects). Had Watson consulted with RGW for the purpose of asking further questions to Caltrans………….
Plaintiff Counsel, during discoveries, should have RPD’d the other bids to Watson which I believe were for 2 cell joints. Watson thought that the rest of the pack was right that it was for a 2 cell joint.
I feel that the ignorance of Watson can also be thought of as it trying to fool a sub.
Watson should not be contracting as a prime if it did not know the difference between a 2 and a 4 cell joint. The RME is to blame.
Wearing RGW’s shoes, I would have amended the contract to ink in the new situation.
Hindsight is always right.