Introducing Nomos LLP!

 We’ve been quiet lately we know.

We’ve been nesting. Not the alien popping through your stomach kind of nesting, although, there have been a few white knuckled “what the heck did we get ourselves into!” moments. Rather, we’ve been quietly building something we think is pretty great. Not just for us, but for our clients.

Our own law firm. So here’s the 411:

What’s with the name Nomos LLP?

We’ve gotten a few questions about that. We wanted to create a client-centric law firm not a lawyer-focused one. Hence, no last names. Plus, we don’t have cool last names like Low, Ball & Lynch or Payne & Fears. The name “nomos” is Greek for “law.” And, of course, it’s from the Greeks that much of modern Western legal system is derived. Simple. Opa!

What services does Nomos LLP provide?

We’ll continue to offer transactional and litigation services in the area of design and construction law. Whether it’s a contract you need drafted, reviewed, or negotiated or a dispute that has arisen on a project, we’re here to help as we say, from that first drawing on the proverbial napkin to that last item on the punchlist.

Where are you located?

We’re located in the heart of Uptown Oakland at 1970 Broadway, Suite 670, Oakland, California in the Golden West Tower Building also known as “The Dark Cube.” Built in 1968 in the Modernist architecture style popular during the time, we believe our new digs happen to also reflect our approach. Lean, streamlined and efficient.

For more information about the firm, stop by, or visit our website at We would love to talk!



8 Responses to “Introducing Nomos LLP!”

  1. Collin Chandler

    Hi Garret,

    I really enjoy your blog. As such, I wanted to let you know that there is a typo in the third sentence (though v. through). Not trying to nitpick, but thought you would appreciate it. Feel free to delete my comment once the correction is made.

    Keep up the great content.

  2. Lelia Scheu


    We should meet soon and catch up. To refresh your memory, we met once while I was at Hastings. Now I’m at Urbanworks, I run it with my husband. .

    Lelia Lelia Scheu URBANWORKS 310.775.1329


    • Garret Murai

      Thanks Lelia! It looks like you landed at a great place, both in marriage and in work. I’m working with my wife as well. You and your husband have worked on some beautiful projects.


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