I’ve seen other cautionary tales for attorneys who overreach and turn molehills (“pedestrian cases”) into major mountains, requiring full support camps and expenses to climb.

As an expert witness, I worked on two cases in defense of small residential contractors who did admittedly poor jobs resulting in litigation triggered by their approximately $25,000 nonpayment disputes with the Home Owner. (Although poor workmanship was involved — they had self-performed all the work — I saw no evidence of fraud, overbilling, etc.).

In both cases, the Owner’s attorneys pumped the value of damages into the stratosphere (in my opinion).

They also advised the Owner to hire a “reputable” contractor to deconstruct what was built (after extensive investigation and documentation by experts) and rebuild the project “the way it should have been built” for construction costs over $200,000, not including attorney’s fees, expenses, etc. (One Owner tacked on significant mental duress and loss of business claims to their lawsuit).

Both Owners prevailed in their trials, and although they didn’t win 100% of their claims, they were awarded substantial amounts.

Both losing general contractors (properly incorporated) gave up their decades-old businesses and declared bankruptcy.

PS: I got stiffed, too, only in an amount insignificant by comparison to the Owners.