Really, Sort of, Scary. Depending on Your Design Sensibilities . . .

Architect Halloween3

And you thought architects don’t know how to have fun.

Architect Halloween

New York architects dressed up as the buildings they designed. Beaux-Arts Costume Ball circa 1931.

From left to right:

  1. A. Stewart Walker – Fuller Building
  2. Leonard Schultze – Waldorf Astoria New York
  3. Ely Jacques Kahn – Squibb Building
  4. William Van Alen – Chrysler Building
  5. Ralph Walker – One Wall Street
  6. D.E. Ward – Metropolitan Tower
  7. Joseph H. Freelander – Museum of the City of New York

What I didn’t know was that this architect-dressed-up-as-the-buildings-they-designed thing is apparently somewhat of a tradition among architects.

Architect Halloween2

Four of the so-called “New York Five.” Vanity Fair circa 1996.

From left to right:

  1. Michael Graves – Humana Building
  2. Charles Gwathmey – Gwathmey Residence and Studio
  3. Richard Meier – New Harmony’s Atheneum
  4. Peter Eisenman –  Max Reinhardts Haus Project (not built)

Missing is John Hajduk.

Happy Halloween!

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