CSLB’s Military Application Assistance Program


Who knew? I didn’t.


October 13, 2016                                            CSLB #16-12

Military Applicants, with Proper Forms, Move
to Front of Line for Contractor License Processing

SACRAMENTO – The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) salutes U.S. military personnel for their service and offers expedited application processing by specially trained staff to veterans seeking to become licensed contractors. Unfortunately, not all veterans applying for California contractor licenses are able to take advantage of this opportunity because they do not submit the forms required for this service.

CSLB has noted an upswing in the number of license applications submitted by veterans that do not include the mandatory DD214 form confirming their release and honorable discharge from duty. Since January 2016, CSLB has received 316 applications that were marked as “veteran” but did not include proper documentation. Veteran identification cards are not accepted as proof of service.

Without a DD214 or other acceptable forms, CSLB cannot grant expedited status to otherwise-deserving veterans, and their applications are processed along with all others that CSLB receives on a first-come, first-served basis.

By including the appropriate documents with an application, CSLB staff will provide priority service that includes:

  • Expedited application processing;
  • Access to CSLB Licensing staff specially trained to evaluate transferable military training and experience to meet minimum licensing requirements; and
  • Evaluation of college transcripts to help verify acceptable educational credit (in addition to military training and experience).

CSLB’s website has a section devoted to explaining the Military Application Assistance Program.

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