“An Airport for the Jet Age”


One of my partners sent around this very cool, retro 1962 promo video for the Oakland International Airport (which, by happenstance, our firm represents . . . probably even back then) complete with 60’s promo music and a narrator whose voice takes me back to the days of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (remember that?).

Note: It’s a bit long at close to 20 minutes (time moved a little slower back then). Perhaps you can enjoy it with a scotch and soda while you’re waiting for your TV dinner to heat up.

It makes you wonder what our grandchildren will think of our technology today. Perhaps a bit like these vintage-inspired ads created by Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda:






2 Responses to ““An Airport for the Jet Age””

  1. Marty Wilson

    Way back in the mid 1980’s my former construction company and I remodeled Hanger 5 at the Oakland Airport (way on the other side of the field opposite the current passenger terminals). Although it was United Airlines first terminal in Oakland, It was said to have been subsequently used by the CIA’s contract air carriers to transport people in and out of the Bay Area that were apparently “shy” about exposure and being seen in public. In the hanger we found several second floor hidden rooms accessed by disguised staircases containing old metal cots and closets. And a cocktail shaker and martini glass set 🙂


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